The Summer Training for HI youth in Computers remains popular. The Institute started a crash course in computer basics during the summer months of -12th May to l2th July 2007, for the students (all hearing impaired) from Poddar School run by the Anandi Lal Poddar Trust which is a residential school for hearing impaired children. It is an aided school.   After an interactive session with the students and the help of the Principal, Darshan   agreed to take in 30 students for a 4-hour x 6 day a week session. These students were keen to come over to continue further, so the Institute agreed to put the students into 2 hrs learning modules on computers to continue to the advanced stage. In 2008 we had 18 students, In 2009 and 2010 we had 11 students each, In 2011, 12 students, In 2012, 20 students, In 2013, 28 students. From 2014 till date though we had summer training going on for few who attended classes. After 2014 we started the RSCIT course for hearing impaired (Govt approved and certified) and we registered as a learning center for this course and started to enroll, teach and complete this course for the hearing impaired. Till date we have completed 38 students training and certification of the course awarded by Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited (RKCL) We had a couple of students who did join to complete their RS-CIT certificate but due to employment opportunities discontinued the course.

2017 May onwards the Poddar school sent students for RS-CIT the Government sponsored course. 22 students were trained, 19 students obtained their certificates after the successful completion of the exams.

For summer school of 2018, 13 students enrolled. All were declared passed except for one who wrote the exam in his second attempt. By March 2019 we enroll another 20 students.

Students have to travel from different locations in and near Jaipur to the Institute to get free training on computer skills, so that they can qualify for different levels of employment, or even think of further higher and advanced courses on computer skills. (The institute does not provide residential accommodation). This regular course enables basic training on computers. Students are introduced to Microsoft Office. They are made to go through the entire office package of MS Office i.e. MS Word, Power Point, MS Excel, MS Publisher and MS Access. Since many of the students are “differently abled”, often extra classes are provided for them. They   sometimes   redo the subject and are often tested and re-tested to understand the subject better. The retention memory of our “differently abled” youth is not uniform on an average. As a result, refresher classes are provided.

Apart from the subject of the MS Office, they are taught Photoshop and Corel Draw. Since the grasping power of the students is uneven, one class lesson can take up to 5 to 6 repeater classes for the hearing impaired. After completion of theory after each class, students are put to practice on the computer lab extensively, so that they practice what they learn, and doubts if any are cleared in the next class, or in the computer lab itself. Above average students are recommended to prospective employers to try out the student for an opening in their organizations.

Finding employment for the disabled particularly for the HI has not been easy and a great deal of persistence is required to convince employers. After a lot of deliberation with Industry personnel, some of them have been persuaded to admit a few students as interns at their establishments. Meanwhile as a special drive and keeping with the latest policies, recently there has been growing interest among the various industries to employ disabled youth in the jewelry and gem industry.

In the Hospitality sector to employ hearing impaired youth, due to vigorous efforts of the Chairman and Founder, Shri Navin Chawla, Darshan has been able to make inroads into the hotel industry, Taj Hotels that have employed our students include the Rambagh Palace Hotel & The Jai Mahal Palace Hotel. The performance level of these students in their work position has been impressive and the employers have been very satisfied.   Other hotel groups   are also being approached. 

Designing of jewelry or working on jewelry related software has been difficult, with the teaching of CorelDraw and Photoshop our students have proved to be good in adapting to the situation. The jewelry industry gets a qualified and silent worker, which in turn gives confidence and self-reliance to the HI youth. Four youth have been employed into this stream with the gem and jewelry Export houses in Jaipur.  Two have been provided employment in a college, for data entry job.

In the hospitality sector, fast food giants (KFC and MacDonald’s) have recently shown some interest in absorbing disabled HI youth. Physically being fit and quite knowledgeable they can manage the work load. 5 of Darshan’s computers students, who finished their course, have now joined the KFC working outlets in KFC Jaipur.