Darshan started its vocational training with a computer course, agreeing to take in 30 students from the Anandi Lal Poddar school for a 4-hour x 6 day a week session in 2007. These students were keen to come to Darshan to learn computer training. Qualified and trained hearing-impaired teachers using sign language trained them on computers. The training was, and remains, free of cost.

Finding employment for these teenage boys after their computer training has not been easy and a great deal of persistence is required to convince employers. But some industries such as the hotel industry and jewellery and gem making companies have opened their doors to our hearing-impaired boys. We are proud to have placed our students at the Rambagh Palace Hotel and the Jai Mahal Palace Hotel in Jaipur. The performance level of these students in their work position has been impressive and the employers have been very satisfied. Other hotel groups are also being approached.